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Webpage for ficticious store built with WordPress. I created a Custom WordPress Theme to have total control of the frontend. Products are easily updatable by clients with no coding experience.

This project was built during Alura's Frontend Challenge. On this event, they provide a layout, and we can implement it the way we want. It is a great opportunity to have more hands-on experience and build something from scratch.

I chose to build this project on WordPress to dive into the tool. I had been working with WordPress since February, but had never created a custom theme from scratch.

The site is responsive and was created with accessibility in mind. It supports 200% zoom and bigger default font-sizes and keyboard navigation.

Carousel built from scratch with accessibility best practices. Accessible modal for products, with radio input varying according to color chosen. Quantity input varies according to product availability.


Some challenges of the project... 1) Theme creation 2) YML for github actions 3) WP Query 4) JS logic for the modal

What I learned from the project...